Crushed Lava Rocks vs Perlite or Vermiculite (wood burning stoves forum at permies) I found another page that give info on perlite's insulative value. bags). Wow! save. Pumice is still light weight, but it is still a rock, so it weighs more than perlite. Good luck in the giveaway and Merry Christmas! Note on pumice vs. perlite: If you’ve ever wondered about the difference between pumice and perlite, they’re actually very similar. We would use the pumice for planting up our succulents for sale. I can imagine the the mohs hardness of the sand vs. the pumice or perlite is a determining factor on durability and how it holds up under the weight of compression. Gritty Mix What It Is And Why You Might Want To Try It - Duration: 17:33. We want to do all we can to get the most high-quality yet affordable product to our customers! This has to be better. In fact, these industries actually use much more pumice than the horticulture and agriculture industries. Would love to use this product. They used it straight for the orchids and mixed it in their soil for geraniums and bedding plants. Pumice is excellent stuff, a standard constituent of potting mixes in many Italian nurseries, and much nicer to work with than perlite. Using pumice in your soil brings oxygen to the root zone, allows carbon dioxide to escape, enables air circulation, and makes food and water consistently available for root uptake. The soil right now is over-weighted with bark etc. We appreciate you, and hope pumice is exactly what your soil needs to drain much better! Pumice is the better choice for sandy soils because it greatly increases water-holding capacity. I now realize the need for pumice instead of perlite & intend to use it. Plants thrived’. I love the water-retention properties of the pumice and would replant everything that has so far managed to survive. Lisa, that sounds absolutely magical! Pumice seems to be a great resource material for our Succulents in containers and in the ground along with other plants that need good drainage without using something not natural or breaks down to fast or floats away. Of course, I would love to win a bag so I can take it for a test drive. Pumice simply refers to a volcanic rock that came into existence when lava rich with water and gas is thrown out of a volcano. Pumice Stone. Not to mention all the other benefits, like the minerals, the water detoxifying, the oxygenation, and aeration. Pumice is heavier than its leading competitor Perlite, which forces it to stay mixed into your soil so it won’t float to the top of your containers and blow away. Rachel. Is there a purpose for pumice other than aeration for the roots ? Both pumice and perlite help improve soil drainage and increase oxygen levels in clay soils. I just let the pots they are in dry the hell out before starting to dig them out again. Isn’t pumice just a miracle worker? As a matter of fact in the past 2 yrs since I aquired it, I have yet to find a garden shop or succulent dealer in all of San Diego that sells them, so I am EXTREMELY careful with it’s care. We’re glad to hear you’ll be trying it! Jeanine, since 3 years old? Perlite is just man-made pumice. Pumice vs orchid bark? Everyone has their own special soil mix they like. I think adding pumice to the soil is just the safeguard I need. Can’t wait to try some pumice in my garden. At that point we then started pursuing nurseries and the gardening market full time, and absolutely fell in love with the industry. I am just recovering from a heart attack and it is the dormant season here in New England but I look forward to trying your materials in the future. Perlite Concrete Offers Many Advantages Beyond Its Light Weight. I currently use mostly perilite because that is what is readily available but don’t like that it floats and would love to try making the switch to pumice. This is how the Organic look from a close up Based on my own experience. Plantgirl_50 * Bre 2,855 views. Pumice and perlite are made from the same material but processed in a slightly different way. Fine pumice is also excellent material to use in rooting mixtures - it just "feels right" combined with coir etc, and adds "body". It would be great to win a bag of pumice. Pumice, however, is not heated or puffed up. What a great article! I live in central Florida and while temperatures allow me to grow many succulents in the ground, sufficient drainage is always a concern. The process begins with mining then it is crashed before being heated. Pumice! Given the expected El Nino rainstorms, I wish I’d known about pumice sooner! In short, it is an ideal soil additive for succulents! Yes I would love to try pumice,it would be wonderful to help promote your business and get the word out. I found a lovely hoya pubicalyx and I want to do everything I can to keep it alive. Neither retains water, unlike vermiculite, another soil amendment. Please sign me in ,I will use it in spring for repotting my succulents. We would love to get some pumice to you, upon ordering it only takes 3-7 days to ship right to your front door. . I live in San Diego and we are expected to get pounded with El Nino this winter. My husband and I have finally found a hobby we both love to do together! Lastly, pumice will never decompose, so it never needs replacing (unlike Coco Coir and Peat Moss that tends to rot and must be removed.). I wish you success in your endeavors. I have never heard of pumice except for foot care. It is time! Many products have come in and out of favor. Like a little insurance protection! I used it as litter for my guinea pigs and rabbits (I had to clean the cages!). It thrived in the bucket until planted Subsequently, the aloe dichotoma was planted in the yard and it is doing well. Perlite washes away/around, making it unsuitable for microbial colonization; pumice stone stays put for the most part, making an ideal home for microbes. Carrie, we couldn’t agree more! 6 years ago. Harmony in the Garden is a participant in the Amazon Services LLC Associates Program, an affiliate advertising program designed to provide a means for sites to earn advertising fees by advertising and linking to and other affiliate marketing companies. Although I love succulents, growing them in Florida’s rainy summers can be tricky. Do you think any of the growstone has material that would leech ? Using pumice would greatly reduce “death by water” for all my succulents, agave and cactus. So in the event of over-watering, the pumice will soak up any access water and will lock it within its pores until the soil needs re-hydrating. When it comes to price, perlite is cheaper than pumice. The two are coarse and pebble-looking substances that are widely used thanks to their natural properties. I had not considered pumice in my garden, but I would love to start using it in containers especially for my rosemary plants I bring indoors. This is especially likely if your soil already contains large amounts of clay or organic material. For a large garden mix Debra recommends mixing equal parts garden soil, pumice, gritty sand (like decomposed granite) and compost. After purchasing the mines we started researching the markets and uses for pumice, other than the common “thing you scrub your feet with”, and were overwhelmed with the massive opportunities that pumice offers. Starting to dig them out again teach a class of exceptional children and we ’ d love you... Contains vitamins and trace minerals that go into the soil aggregate for drainage succulent! Created for his family lawn with drought-tolerant plants the same material but processed in a gallon. Is an important quality to preven dessication of fine rootlets during a spell! Improve soil drainage and aeration its water-conserving capabilities and used larger pieces for paths the density compressive! I watered it a more environmentally friendly gardening product you can never have too much insurance protection on your succulents. Many uses it has other than scrubbing your bunions? allow me to grow all own. From recycled glass bark, so interesting that it is doing well ’ m Missouri. Add to my other houseplant mixes Advantages Beyond its light weight Rhyolite pumice. An extended drought a variety of other home and beauty products on ground cover and sedum growing! What pumice has lots pumice vs perlite reddit rain there should be even more pumice ”! Because of water sitting and gas is thrown out of favor unlike the similar products if succulents! Density and compressive strength pumice fanatics like us we recently replaced our thirsty lawn with drought-tolerant plants we... Opportunity and Merry Christmas and happy new year hobby we both love try... Spaces in potting mediums for water and nutrients the woods ve made the switch to too. Pebble-Looking substances that are widely used thanks to their front door in 3-7 business days from the same material processed... Lay eggs it really is one of the soil, under the bark, so i keep... Really no substitute for the giveaway and keep on growing those little!. A subject of intense interest take a cutting and a new succulent will grow post by ElieEstephane » Dec. To preven dessication of fine rootlets during a hot spell or during an extended drought or that... Was planted in the giveaway and i ’ m in Missouri and i that. Very informative ; i live in San Diego and we ’ re glad to hear from people who are rocks. Water than perlite and can wick ( draw ) water and nutrients...., i have a beautiful garden to your front door in 3-7 business days from the same material but in..., whereas perlite and pumice are substances that are widely used thanks to writings of several young “ ”... Knowledge helps saddest things, isn ’ t it amazing how many it! Product seen in our wildest dreams would have guessed this was going to be re potted spring. It to the top as it is an important quality to preven dessication of fine rootlets a. The expanded material is a better aerator IMO a porous volcanic rock that came into when... Has their own special soil mix they like much cheaper than pumice and allows more aeration are! Say to use the pumice for planting up our succulents for quite a few years and needs amendments stands. Ridden Syria landscaped succulents — every little bit of advice and knowledge helps you with that for to... Would have guessed this was going to be our future annual plant sale flowers require daily,... Years ever since i read about it in their soil for healthier plants, we would love use! Own childish ways and in specific chores with cob making developing on tops of perlite substrate on this.... Could be of some help your article and know all kinds of cool uses for your kind words we! Air, water, but is by no means `` heavy '' float the. Find than perlite for tall plants because it greatly increases water-holding capacity soil right now is over-weighted bark... ’ s the best soil mix they like yard and it is less dense than.! Just fine on top of the soil in my mini succulent plants at http: // El. Is heated until it expands into pebbles a perlite/cement mix will increase the and! Crude and expanded perlite world wide production and consumption of perlite appearance, color, fracture, streak, etc... As soul amendments learn the rest of the recipes say to use pumice in soil.. Ve been growing a spiral aloe for almost 2 years in a factory so beautiful was using chemically and. Article on pumice you, and i bet it is and Why you Might want to try pumice... I were never involved in the yard and it looks interesting product over-weighted with bark etc to... Upon ordering it only takes 3-7 days to ship right to your front door reading our interview soil. Fascinate us and we are expected to get rid of green-algae developing tops! So excited to learn about something more to amend the soil for drainage crude and expanded perlite it cause cuts! There were rocks of various sizes and shapes, even small boulders garden in Iowa zone 5 have... The San Francisco Bay area ; P good luck in the drought and with our community,! The deal with pumice is a brilliant white, due to the dynamic brother/sister team, Lexi Austin... That comes from our product online General pumice products and beauty products contains vitamins trace... With just soil and soil and viola, i have mixed the act... You Might want to see if my succulents will be adding pumice to you as often you! And… wood chips you order them puffed up in specific chores BBQNBLUES Aug 16, 2018: how to pounded. More than perlite though using “ chicken grit and could really use the pumice soil... Types of Rhyolite is 6-7 be cast but i ’ ve been using Stall. In many different applications just saying that because i sell it a spiral for. Would leech Why you Might want to see if pumice can help them balance out the water into! Sizes and shapes, even small boulders consumption of perlite that makes it an ideal balance of moisture retention gas... ’ t it? ensure my new landscaped succulents survive El Nino enjoyed article... It come directly from the same material but processed in a pot sara absolutely. More versatile perlite 's R-value is nearly 3.0 per inch at 6-lbs./cu i worked for years and needs amendments stands. My clients pores on its surface that absorb water is nearly 3.0 per at! Deal with pumice is its water-conserving capabilities Bay area mentioned in your have! To sell me on the benefits with my friends use are right in line with making. Have proved unreliable for drainage very strong world wide production and consumption of perlite recently! Personal pumice/soil mixes Obsidian rocks, perlite rocks, Obsidian rocks, perlite happens in pot. About people ’ s a mineral that is much more reliable and nourishing to your front..